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I love writing, I enjoy writing supernatural/fantasy stories, I also write poetry/lyrics too :)
Tell me what you think (when I eventually upload something).
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    Oh my God I'm crying at the last chapter; it's so heart breaking! D: You are an amazing writer! please keep writing this!!! <3
    Don't change
    Don't change
    I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..
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    mumbled "Human Moments"

    You know those moments when you miss a friend that you haven’t spoken to for years? And you wonder where it all went wrong and that you can’t remember what even happened to make you break friends. I’m having one of those moments. I’m having flash backs to when we were good friends, even from when we were little, like 5 or 6 years old. We’d have sleepovers, and at about 7 in morning (we’d actually be up at 7 in the morning and not dead, ah those were the days) and go on the trampoline and have a whale of a time. I remember holding her little sister when she was a baby and watching her grow up, and I remember us working out that by the time she’d got up to secondary school, we’d be in sixth form. So this year she’ll be in secondary school, and it’s strange how the time seems to drag but it slips quietly by and before you know it you’re not a dorky little year 7 anymore, you’re moving schools and doing your A levels and life’s about to get even harder.
    But our friendship was far from perfect. All through primary school we were best friends, but on and off, she’d always find a way to find a way to ‘break friends’ with me. I remember being like ‘what have I done now?’ but in hindsight maybe I had done something to upset her? I remember I’d trained myself to literally think my entire sentence through before I said something, I suppose it’s a useful thing to be able to learn. She still broke friends with me though even after I learnt.
    In secondary school we widened our group of friends, and it was fine for a bit, yes we’d grown apart a bit, until she decided that one of my best friends at the time and I weren’t cool enough to hang out with them (or something equally shallow). So instead of telling us, they all gave us the silent treatment, and I remember saying “I wish they’d just man up and tell us to our faces instead of cowering away from it.” So we eventually gave up with being their friend, and sat with some of our acquaintances at the time, since then we’ve never looked back really. Our circle of friends has become fairly large, I’m close to all of them, and I’m in a happier place with them. But there are cracks, divisions in the group. I can see it falling apart in the future, so I’m running from this problem (like I do with all my problems) and going to another school (and also for a better shot at education).
    However, A levels and moving schools have ugly heads, and my former BFF had found herself without friends, probably because she’d pulled the same crap with them as she had with me. She asked me for advice, as we may potentially be going to the same school, and it would be awkward. So we cleared the elephant in the room, and had one of the most surreal conversations I’ve ever had with her. I was genuinely caring when I gave her my commiserations, but I’m betting she was thinking exactly what I was “what comes around goes around”. I’m sad to say it but a little part of me felt that we were even now, but I’d cleared out my feelings on the topic long ago and had decided that I was over it and who needs someone if they don’t like you?
    Either-way, I’ve just flashed back to all the moments when we were happy, and I find now that I miss her. It’s so weird that the time can pass us by so easily. I also wonder what would have happened if I’d stayed friends with her? I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I had, because I know I’ve changed, but maybe it’s for the best? It’s a bit late to go back now anyway, but it’s scary to think that in 2 years I’ll probably have lost a lot of contact with my friends now, and that I will change again in my mannerisms. And every time I move, I’ll change, I’ll adapt to fit in with my surroundings; is that human or is that fear?
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    Woah, experiencing mind = blown right now! It's amazing, can't wait to read more!!! :D
    When Love Kills
    When Love Kills
    Rowan, a highschool girl is confronted with a new school. New schools, bring new changes, correct? Well, new changes are number one on her list. #1 Be Normal.
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    mumbled "How do you write?"

    I'm sat on my bed looking at a blank word document screen, with an idea in mind and thinking "I need names for my characters... I have no idea what to call them..." And so because I am one of THE most easily distracted people in the world, I decided to write a blog about how I write things in general... (Yes, I'm procrastinating, I admit it...)

    1) Watch lots of wildlife documentaries, especially ones that are set underwater, because that makes me think of how there's two completely different worlds on one planet (a fact that routinely blows my mind) and the various creatures of the deep inspire monsters of night.
    2) Listen to songs with stories within them (ballads?) For example, Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte, Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides, Love story by Taylor Swift, and whatever else I find on my ipod/youtube. Mainly because they've already got a plot in them, if push comes to shove, I can always just write the story of the people in the song. (personally don't think it would be a bad idea)
    3) For finding names, I use a pack of cards and scrabble letters
    - For character first names, I'll pick the first card off the top, for example, Queen of diamonds = L could be Lily, Lunar, Lavender, etc... and I end up googling names a lot.
    - For place names and surnames, I pick a card, for example; 4, then pick up the next 3 cards to make 4 cards in total; 4 of hearts, 2, 5, 10 black cards = D O W R, then get some scrabble letters to make a place name, 'DROW'...
    (This seems pretty random, but basically, I've split the alpabet up so that the red cards are from A to M; A = Ace, M = King, and the other half of the alpabet to the black cards; N = Ace, King = Z.)

    I usually write long hand in the evenings, but if I ever get moments of inspiration during the day and I find myself with the NEED to write, if my computer's on, I'll try and type to my heart's content... But today it's more of a passing fancy, hence why I'm procrastinating...
    I have a question for you, dear reader, "How do you write?" Tell me in the comments below :)
    ACM xxx
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    "I am your prince today, but your kind tomorrow"
    Brilliant! I like how it's like the final chapters of fairytales; when the prince finds his princess, he's still prince charming, then when he marries her, the audience assume that he becomes king, and then does lots of kingly duties.. And it's just really well written, I love the tone of the monologue! <3 ahh! you're such a great writer!!!
    A Prince, A King, A Legend
    A Prince, A King,...
    A dramatic monologue.
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