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    mumbled "Getting comfy (new story) "

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    "hurry up, we'll be late" yelled my older sister Kelly.
    "oh shut it! We've Still got 20 minuteS!" I snapped back. I quickly ran to my closet After I finished my hair. I pulled out a nice white pair of shorts and then I singlet, then I put on a lace singlet to put over my singlet. I grabbed my shoes, fixed my curly hair and put a bow in it. "okay I'm ready" I said grabbing my bag and running down stairs. " bye dad,bye mum" I smiled. It was my first day at my new school, I was year 11. I changed schools cause we moved.
    Me and my sister waited at the bus, she walked off on me to go find some friends so I stood bye myself .
    "hi" someone greeted "who me" I asked smiling in to a guys beautiful green eyes.
    "yeah you, your the new girl right?" he laughed "y-yeah I am" I stuttered "oh well hello there" my sister flirted as she pushed me to the ground. "ouch!" I mumbled. He let out his left hand to help me up. "kelly, why can't you just leAve me alone " I growled. " oh, we'll I'm Harry" he said as he avoided my sister. " "I'm milie" I smiled
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    mumbled "Calling isn't enough"

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    I went down to Josie's house, I was so angry, my mind was full of confusion. I got a phone call so I pulled over to the side of the road.
    ~~~~phone call~~~~ h=Harry b=Britney
    B- hello?
    H- hey, don't leave
    B- look, u don't need this trouble, the only time you can see me is when she's at work
    H- meet me at the late night coffee club
    B- ok...?
    ----end of call----
    I turned around and waited at the coffee club. I saw Harry walk over to me, he didn't make eye sight. "hey" he smiled. I stood quietly. I broke down in tears . I laid my head into his chest. " stop crying love, think happy" he smiled " how can I do that! I've lost my best friend who I kissed and my sister hates me" I cried he pulled me off his chest and gave me a kiss, it was long. I felt like I needed to stop but I couldn't I loved him!
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    mumbled "I wish you were mine"

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    I was astonished, how could things just go that fast. He walked over to Layla, winked at me then left. "a, uh,huh ? What, ju-" I said in confusion. I walked back into the house, and went straight to my room. I got a call from my friend Josie, she wanted me to go out with her tonight, I accepted the offer and got ready. I wore, a nice white tight dress that went a little over my knees, I curled my hair and put some white heels on. "hey" said a voice which made me jump. " oh, hi Harry" I said fixing my curls. " where are you going tonight?" he asked with a cheeky grin. " out, with my friend Josie" I answered. He chuckled to himself. " whaat?" I winged out of curiosity. " it's just that you wearing heels and you still look short" he laughed " oh shut up" I giggled. My sister walked in and gave me a greasy look. " what now?" I asked in an annoyed voice " nothing, it's just that now that me and Harry are going out, you can't be alone with him" she snapped as she sat beside Harry on my bed. " his my best friend! You know you don't own him!" my tone got louder. " we'll your the cheater" she said as she got back up " Harry told me what you did" she came closer. " YOU KNEW I LIKED HIM, SERIOUSLY WHY CAN'T YOU GROW UP" I yelled "I WILL BASH YOU" she yelled as she ran out of words to say "DO IT, DO IT " I screamed back. That's when Harry got up and tried to stop me from punching her. " I'm leaving, I don't need this. And you know what I'm moving out if your that worried" I said grabbing my keys and walking out.

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    Hi I'm Britney, I'm actually best friends with Harry, I've known him for about 16 years. Anyways I live with him, and the suck ish thing is I'm falling for him, and he likes my sister Layla!
    Well acleast I think that, his always cuddling her and kissing her on the cheek.
    "Are you awake?" I hear from the end of the room, it was Harry!
    "yep!" Isaid getting up and giving him a huge hug!
    "Oi, off him" yelled my sister, I was wondering why she was so defensive, uh oh.
    " oh yeah forgot to tell you! Me and Layla are going out!" smiled Harry!
    "hooray" I said sarcastically.
    He looked at me weirdly, he knew something was up! He tried to sto me by putting his arm around me but I broke away and got dressed and left !
    "don't be such a brat, Britney " yelled my sister as I walked out the door, gosh I hate her, she runs everything in my face she knows I like Harry but yet still goes out with him, god the things sisters do to annoy you!
    I went to the cafe down the street and thought about my problems, I hate waking up first thing in the morning and problems just hit you like a volley ball!
    My friend Derek showed up, finally someone to talk to, by the way his gay, and his the type of gay person that'll help you with anything!
    "hey hun, how's it going?" he said putting is backpack on the side chair!
    "well Harry is going out with Layla, that's what's wrong!" I said trying not to yell!
    "oh hun, go talk to him , try to get him away from Layla , and tell him how you feel!!!"
    " your exactly right, I'll be back soon j need to talk to Harry" I agreed and left!
    I was close to home and it started raining, so I ended up running!
    I walked through the door, I saw Harry and Layla making out on the couch, my mouth widened, I ran out of the house and slammed the front door.
    "NO Britney!!!!" yelled Harry chasing after me.
    I stood on the foot path tears running down my face, it was still raining so it was hardly noticeable!
    " Britney! Seriously what's the problem?!" he said standing in front of mme, lifting my chin up!
    "YOU really wanna no?, fine! I love you, I have loved you for ages, Layla even knew it, she dated you to annoy me!!!!!" I said looking straight in his eyes.
    He was stuck and couldn't get any words out of his mouth!
    He grabbed my chin lifted it up a little and kissed me, I was astonished!
    But I couldn't let go.
    I put my arms around him and didn't stop kissing!
    My eyes opened as I heard the front door open, we both broke the kiss and acted like nothing happened when Layla came out!
    "I love you too" whispered Harry!
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