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    I love the imagery!! It's really good!
    The Dress
    The Dress
    Many girls dream about their Prom, and the perfect dress. But how hard is into find the perfect one? For the conteset - comment, like and fave please!
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    mumbled "Simply Me Diaries..."

    She hears everyone taking behind her back. She sees her life flash before her eyes. She wants to see the world through HER eyes. She feels like everyone makes fun of her. She touches the fluffy white clouds in the sky when she cries. She worries about everyone else when they don't even notice HER. She could be dying for all they know. She cries in her bedroom so no one will see. She understands that life isn't fair. Would it kill anyone to notice how good SHE is? Things are going to get worse before they get good. That means HER life is going to be a living hell for the next 2 years. SHE dreams about being free from the chains tying her down. She tries to please everyone, but why doesn't she please herself by loving who SHE is? She hopes ONE day someone finally realizes she is NOT invisible. Hopefully someone loves her enough to tell her that, "who cares what everyone thinks, be yourself and that's all YOU need." Now, she won't change for someone that doesn't care about HER. Forget those people who used her, forget those who ignored her, and forget those who treated her with disrespect. Love HER for who SHE is or don't love HER at all. Notice HER, not what's on the outside. Once you leave her, she will leave YOU when you beg her to take you back. She's changed and she sure is NOT going to change back for you or anyone else.

    <Get to know HER because ONE DAY she'll be whoever SHE wants to be whenever SHE wants to be.>

    <And NO ONE will tell her otherwise!>

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    mumbled "Simply Me..."

    So this is a story like ALL others. The girl is lonely, not understood, same old same old. Trapped inside herself wanting to come out. Speak out. Basically wanting to let everything out. No, she hasn't been psychologically traumatized. All she wants is freedom like any other teen out there. But her need for freedom is much more than just to be free from her mother's overprotection. She wants to explore and see the world through HER eyes. She would like to go outside without being spied. What possibly can she do? She would like to smell the roses without sneezing. But most importantly she wants to be herself. She wants for the wind to drift her through the sky with no limit. Take her as you see her or don't take her at all. That's your loss. Take her for who she is or not at all. But once you leave she won't take you back.

    <She is who she is, and she WON'T change for YOU or anyone else>

    SIMPLY ME.....
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