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<<<<< That's me :)

Heyyyyy Babby!!!! I'm Angelicaaa!!! I'm an 8th grader :) A Miami girlll!!!! :) & A Hardcore Directioner

A picture is worth more than a thousand words

"I may be Pretty but I'm not Beautiful I may be Bad but I'm no Devil & I may be Good but I'm no Angel" ~Marilyn Monroe

"Laughter is timeless & Imagination has no age" ~ Walt Disney

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    I've read this before! On ig But it sooo good i'm gonna read it again
    ***I did not write this***Dark is and amxing breathe taking fanfiction written by H28 i am inly posthing it here for evreyone who hasn't read it yet . Dark-Harry Styles Fanfiction
    Harry's beanie
    5 years ago
    I know it's amazing I posted here for poeple who haven't read it yet to reed but if you wanna reed it again go a head :)
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