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Vas Happenin' Crazy Mofos?!
I'm a girl of many fandoms, but I only write 1D fanfics. Sorry. I'll try to update my fanfics as much as I can. Happy reading!

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    hey you guys. i'm so sorry that i haven't updated in forever, but i'm back and i finally got a new laptop so i could work on my fanfics anytime :) thanks for understanding
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    Sorry for the few month wait everyone... I have been writing the other parts, just not posting them. I will post them now after this mumble.
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    Hello everyone. I just wanna apologize. I've been busy so I never had the time to write and publish. Once again, sorry. Anyways, I'm back. As an apology, I published 4 short chapters. It's what I came up with in a short period of time. It was rushed so bear with me. The holidays are coming up, and that means I will be posting more chapters. Yay! Okay guys. See ya probably tomorrow!
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