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I love writing, dancing, crocheting, car racing, writing,and so much more I just had an account here and had to start another it would not let me log in. Now I have to lose everything.

  • SMD1120
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    Hey would you mind going and liking my Movella "Dear Kyle..." I know I sound self-centered but I really want to get it to 50 likes!!!!!!!! Every like helps. Could you like it PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's the link...
    Dear Kyle...Dear Kyle... I want you to know that you are all I think about. Everyday, everynight. You're always on my mind. No matter how hard I try to block you out,...

    Thank you!!!!
  • WriterMan

    mumbled "A favour"

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    @[angel2012] @[Dinakar] @[sleepisfortheweak] Hello My fellow movellians, you are probably wondering why I have summoned you here. As some of my most trusted friends and fellow poets on here, I was wondering if I could ask a favour. As some of you may know, I have recently published a book of my poems, available on kindle! I was wondering if it were possible for any of you to purchase it and leave a review. I would really love to here what you three have to say about it. I understand if you can't. As a fellow teenager, I know what it is like, not having an income and surviving on pocket money. But if you could, I'd be incredibly grateful.

    Here is the link --> amzn.to/16FiR6v

    Thank you for your time!

    Dude, I can't, I don't own a Kindle, I hate the concept of a Kindle, I despise Kindles XD But congrats on publishing, if it was available in book form I'd probably buy it!
    1 years ago
    Well I'm currently formatting it for book. And hope to publish it for print asap. Do you have an apple product? or an android?... because you know you could download the app... but if you'd rather not I understand..
  • angel2012
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    No I published a book The List Of Letters and it is gone.
    The List Of letters
    The List Of letter...
    I had 11 chapters wrote on this. Came on today to put chapter twelve and it is not here.
  • angel2012

    mumbled " What Happened"

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    I had a book started with a list of letters for 30 days of different things we had to write about. Now it is gone. The name was t
    The List Of Letters. I came on today to post the letter the person you hate the most. It was chapter12. So now I can not find it so I can finish it.
    1 years ago
    Hi :-) Would you please check out my story "The Bleeding Dagger"?
    Would you like to Co-Author a book with me!
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