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one with a happy nature

  • purplegirlangel
    Did you write these off of experience?? They're really good
    A Collection of Poems
    A Collection of...
    This is just a collection of poems that I've been working on. Hope you enjoy. :)
    Brooke Weasley
    1 years ago
    No, none are written off of experience. Just some random things I came up with.
    Reading through them again, I realize: There is something wrong with my brain. Why do I only write poems about such depressing things? And you don't wanna know what's in my sketchbook...
    Asgardian Hufflepuff
    don't worry, my thoughts that go through my head are just as bad. These peoms are really good!
    Brooke Weasley
    1 years ago
  • purplegirlangel
    What's the sequel called?? I need to read it! So I have to find it!
    Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully. ''I...
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