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    OMGOOOSH the epilogue was the cutest thing EVEEER you are the best writer EVER i adore Darkness and Met online you are awesome never change (:
    Met Online
    Met Online
    'Pling' Cassidy Mari Williams looked at her laptop that she had left opened on her desk. New Messages (1) was written across the screen, her hands started to shake as she clicked on the icon, while she...
  • AndyTheCarrotLover
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    pleeeeeeaaae dont cut it short it is AMAZIING I ABSOLUTELLY LOVE IT
    She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in...
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    Wow Boo!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me :')
    I just updated it and I really hope that you will continue on reading :*
    Also; Could you do me a huge favor and like this story? - it's for a competition;
    Breaking Grounds | Harry StylesYou probably go around thinking that your life is the worst ever. You probably curse your life - just because you failed your math exam and now have to...

    Much Love
  • AndyTheCarrotLover
    OMG!! i love youre book!! you should totally make a sequel you should name it daddy found out you are an amazong writer btw (:
    Daddy Won't Know
    Daddy Won't Know
    Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In...
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