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1st is an accident. 2nd is a mistake. 3rd is a routine.

  • Andrea Williams
    I love the start. so her father's married to Harry's mom?
    The Lexi Diaries (A 1D Fanfic)
    The Lexi Diaries...
    Lexi Forbes never planned on losing her Mom. Her father remarried to a divorced mother by the name of Anne Cox. Not that she hated her, but she loathed the idea of having to coexist with her arrogant little...
  • Andrea Williams
    Ha, I knew it, they died didn't they?
    Seven Minutes In Love
    Seven Minutes In...
    This is my entry for the twilight competition. Enjoy. CAUTION: SOME CHAPTERS MAY CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT
  • Andrea Williams
    Nice Beginning. Your very structured when it comes to writing whitch is all the more reason to read.
    Curse of the Fallen
    Curse of the Falle...
    22-year-old Evelyn Francis just graduated with her bachelor's degree and is now returning home to Phoenix, Arizona to spend her summer with her parents. In recently moving to a new house, her parents receive...
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