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    those who say they love this story, please note that this isn't her work. AndreBsGirl on Wattpad wrote this and she stole it herself. Please take this down and know that just because you've mentioned in the blurb of this that it doesn't belong to you doesn't mean that you have a right to publish this on this site. Did you gain the permission of the rightful author? no you didnt because she knows about this and is obviously upset about this. dont ignore these messages, you dont even need to reply, just take this story down and never copy a story without the rightful author's definite permission again. Thank you if you decide to do so.
    Truth or Dare [Larry Stylinson]
    Truth or Dare [Lar...
    Harry Styles has a problem and its name is Louis Tomlinson. When the boys of One Direction go on a vacation in 'Paradise', Harry can't help but think that maybe things will go his way for once. However,...
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