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I'm 18 and I love writing books with characters who are a little bit messed up, and boys who are a little bit (ok, very) hot.

Plus, I'm a Directioner! (Zayn, Liam and Niall <3)

And Connor Mulgrew/Shane O'Meara forever xx

  • Amy Wren

    Newbie in love with 1D, Connor Mulgrew, Sam Roth and writing!

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    Hi, just thought I'd come and introduce myself :)

    I love writing books with messed-up, hot heroes (who aren't total stalkerish controlling dead marble guys like a certain Mr Cullen), and girls who aren't afraid to say what they think and kick some ass.

    Hi to all the Directioners out there (I know there's a lot of us lol) and everyone else, plus does anyone like Connor Mulgrew from Waterloo Road or Sam Roth from the book SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater? I'm such a fangirl ;)

    I'm gonna post some of my book about a kidnapping, a popular hot boy's murder, and kissing, so keep an eye out for the links!

    Amy xxx
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