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a eurovision dork here to ship her schintz.

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    I feel the need to say hi to a fellow RWBY fan! There's really not enough RWBY fic here. I feel like my abundance of Baked Alaska and Neo/Roman brotp will fix this ^.^ When I get around to them, anyway.
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    'Evil monologues; a staple of Roman Torchwick's anachronistic style, gentlemanly as ever. He always felt the need to find ironic, twisted humour in every situation, and this was something I came to understand. I was lucky enough to understand many things about the master thief, through working with him and spotting his many habits, but until now I did not understand one thing. Why this red-hooded child was such an obstacle, and most of all why Roman Torchwick, who was far above her, was hell-bent on defeating her. Maybe I say this because I defeated her easily in battle prior to her exploitation of a weakness it may have taken a child to spot, and his way of fighting with Melodic Cudgel was far less refined. It's surprisingly heavy, and the need for Dust was a problem point. That was until he stole most of the kingdom's supplies from the Schnee Dust Company.'

    That's what I got so far - thanks for the inspiration, now I'm finally getting somewhere :3
    Victoria Raven
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    Wait - I actually HELPED?!?!
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    YES :D
    ^.^ Thank you so much!
    (Also, I saw your RPs. If you ever want to RP RWBY or other? c:)
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