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Hey... to which ever human being is reading this... I mean if yur an alien, then... that's a lie....

My motto is; Looks don't matter...! Oh and YOLO!

It dont say ma name up there ^ which means, yu get the glory of makin up a nick name for me!! :D

♥One Band ♥ One Dream ♥ One Direction! ♥
I am a Directioner and loving every bit of it. #SoProud

Anyway... here's a little bit about moi XD

* I laugh and talk a lot so if I blab on, feel free to shut me up :D
* I like playing football, but I hate watching football matches!
* I'm really lazy... No joke...
* One thing I've always wanted to do is...travel the world... but I know it'll never happen...
* My mates got me in to thinking about being a stylist..
* Am not really sure what I wanna be when I grow up cause all jobs are pretty boring...
* I get loads of spaz attacks which are really freaky...
* I am a chocoholic and proud.
* Am a trouble maker!!
* I have a big mouth.
* I can keep secrets *Taps nose and winks* (That means: Your secrets safe with me...)
* No one would actually call me boring... Which is nice :)
* I hate rude people... and bullies.

Just putting it out there, I don't really care if yur, bi, gay, a lesbian, or whatever religion or background you have, if your nice to me, I'm nice to you. Got that?

If your ever bored.. then I'M RIGHT HERE!!!
I open up pretty quick and always have something to talk about!
Oh and I'm really good at making people feel good and giving advice.
So if anything happens, I'm here to talk to :D

If there's more you'd like to know about me feel free to ask.

Bye for now my human friends!
-Thats if yu wanna be my friend ;) x

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