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    Name:Amber height:5'6 hair color:d
    One Direction Vamps Love Story
    One Direction Vamp...
    Sam and Darcy are normal teenage girls until they met 1D who are vamps in the story and gets turned into one. Read to find out what happens.
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    My name is amber i want to be zayns sister i have dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes, im immature but can be mature when you ask me to and im not fat but im not skinny but im normal and i dont take things well if you say something mean ill probally be sad and im kind of shy. Hope u pick me :)
    Never Ending Love? (Coming Soon)
    Never Ending Love?...
    Ok people so I have two fan fictions not finished and they both a dumb so I'm gonna start a new Fanfiction and I need YOUR HELP! I'm gonna set up a list of parts and you can comment which part you would...
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    well since your the first to ask you can have the role
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    Write more !
    Nothing's impossible
    Nothing's impossib...
    Alexa Jackson was a normal 17 year old girl until she bumps into one direction in Nando's and has to help them to get away from the hundreds of screaming fans. Her life will never be the same again, especially...
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    Please update
    Just an ordinary girl
    Just an ordinary...
    ATT. THIS STORY IS LIKE OLD AND SHITTY, I'M NO LONGER UPDATING! I always thought I was one of those girls, who was going to live an ordinary life. I was wrong. Only a few days after I moved to London,...
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