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I'm Amanda I'm from Scotland im a huge directioner i love food spend my nights reading fanfiction one direction is my life yeah read my fan fictions hope you like them :)

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    do you have something against Zayn like, yeah I mean its like Zayn is the bad guy, I've only got upto the part where Zayn tells Liam he needs help to split Louis and Harry up. I do love this though
    No Sound
    No Sound
    Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something...
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    Jesus Christ, I've answered this so many times. And it's in the little blurb thing. No I do NOT have anything against Zayn! This is a fan FICTION! It's just a role he plays. (Sorry if this came out as 'rude' , I'm just tired of people asking me)
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    ok I've not even read it yet and people are crying at the end, kinda scared but hey ho
    Haunted House
    Haunted House
    Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside...
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    mumbled "random imagines"

    Imagine your coming out of school and you seee Harry's SUV and you start to fangirl and all these girls are around Harry talking to him and you ran over and your boyfriend follows. He has always been very protective of you, but hates you talking to other guys, when you get to Harry he looks up and see's you his hair bounces with the quick movement of his hair and he smiles a wide grin
    "Are you (Y/N) ?" you nod and smile flirasiously to him your boyfriend is a few inches bigger than Harry so he stands behind you and puts his arms round your waist
    "I'm here to pick you up, me and the boys saw a video of you singing on youtube and simon wants to speak to you" he smiles hopefully.
    "sorry mate, (Y/N)'s mine now get!" Harry refuses and takes hold of your hand your boyfriend pulls you away
    "I thought you wanted me to be happy?" you yelled in frustration
    "I do, but he's just a player"
    "no he's not, thats it I'm going with him!" you struggle out of his reach and Harry grabbed your hand, you got into the car. Harry drives out the school and drive to a large office building. when your about to get out he places his hands gently on your face and he tilts his head and leans in you move your head and yous kiss pasionetly.

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