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- Hi there :) my name is Amanda
- I am sixteen
- I am from Canada
- Lesbian, sorta-single, no one ask please. I'm interested in someone right now
- I have been writing since I was ten years old!❤
- I have one book published, but it isnt a story. It is a diary!
- I love music, books and writing (obviously).
- I am a Christian / Catholic ❤
- Please don't insult God on my page if you are atheist / non-religious. It's disrespectful.

♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥ 

- My favorite band is One Direction, and I support them all as solo artists ��
- I AM IN LOVE WITH BROADWAY MUSICALS (Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Hamilton, Be More Chill, Wicked, Bat Out Of Hell, and so many more.)
- My favorite song at the moment is Only Angel by Harry Styles.
- I will read something if you recommend it to me :)
- I am working on a book right now! It will be an Original story about a lesbian who meets her crush, a homophobic girl! Will the two fall in love??? Will the homophobe break her heart?!?! What will happen?!?! Gah! (It will be called "I Turned The Homophobe Into A Lesbian?!"
- Will be sending a book I am writing to a publisher soon (not the one I mentioned above, this one is called "Danger." When I send it to a publisher I will upload it to Movellas!!!

- Working On -
"Don't Let Me Go" - Larry Stylinson
"I Turned The Homophobe Into A Lesbian?!"
"I Fell For The Geek" - Larry Stylinson
"Dangerous Love Affair" - Harry Styles
"I'll Look After You" - Larry Stylinson

- Published -
"Don't Let Me Go" - Larry Stylinson
"Diary of a Sassy-Lesbo"

I have Wattpad, username is @loverofwriting1d

I have Instagram, username is @loverofwriting1d

I have Snapchat, username is @the.chesirecat7

Wall-post message me, or shoot me a message on Wattpad DM, I usually answer and am very friendly!

I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and Aspergers Syndrome! I do not tolerate bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, etc. I am very against bullying, I have been bullied before and never wanna see it happen to anyone else :(

See ya in the world of Movellas/Wattpad/Writing!

Also note that I am WAAAAAYYYYYY more active on Wattpad, due to the fact that I have the app and the Movellas app sucks @$$.

Hope to chat with you!!
God bless❤��❤��❤��❤


by , Tuesday September 26, 2017

I found out I have Asperger's Syndrome.

This is how I live with it. :)

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    mumbled "New fanfics coming! (sorry for vanishing)"

    Hello everyone. It's everyone's favorite lesbian XD (oh wait that's ruby rose). Anyways, sorry for the "vacation" I took lmao. Lot's been happening, and I just needed some time to collect myself. My grandpa passed away recently, my grandmother moved in, and just a whole buncha things going on. Been really busy with work, pulling longer shifts to avoid going home, annnnnnd...... I met someone. She's a very sweet girl, her name is Angel, she lives in New Jersey. We're now dating, oops (hi). But that's not really the reason I'm posting.....

    As you can tell from the title, I have some new fanfics coming! I'll leave the names and descriptions down here for them:

    Next Door Neighbor // Larry Stylinson:
    "Harry you're 23 years old, you can't stay a hermit the rest of your life."
    "Mum we've discussed this. Who's going to want a guy with a little baby girl? No one will take that burden."
    "So Darcy is a burden now is she?"
    "I didn't say that!"
    "You're blind, Harry. Don't you see the way Louis eyes that little girl? He doesn't understand much, but he understands that he loves you and Darcy."


    4 months ago, Taylor left Harry with their daughter Darcy, after deciding she couldn't handle the stress of having a child at 20 years old. Now, Harry lives at home with Anne as they try their best to raise his child without her mother. Next door lives Louis and his mum Johanna. Louis is Harry's childhood best friend, with severe autism. His brain is underdeveloped, so he sees the world through the eyes of a child. Louis doesn't understand many things, but he's somehow grasped that Harry needs someone by his side.

    Each day that goes by, Harry finds himself falling more and more in love with Louis. Anyone with eyes could see that Louis is the best match for Harry and his daughter. He's like the life-long missing puzzle piece to their family. But Harry's heart is full of wounds, and he finds it hard to trust.

    With his daughter on his hip and his best friend stealing his heart, Harry has to make a decision. Can he move past the grief of his child's mother leaving, and finally open his heart to someone else?

    Stripper Boy // Larry Stylinson:
    Harry smirked at the smaller boy, eyeing the way he crossed his left leg over his right. How proper he sat. His feminine posture. Louis glared at him, wondering why the curly-haired man was taking so long to get down to business.

    "How much for the whole night?" Harry asked in a monotone dominant voice.

    Louis cocked an eye brow, "Stay here? The entire night?" The stripper smirked. "You couldn't afford it."

    "Try me." Harry said, his eyes narrowing.


    Louis Tomlinson was a famous stripper at the local gay nightclub. Every night was full to the max, drunk men watching his every move, trying to buy his time, trying to get in his pants. Louis had a price, only the richest of men could buy him for a few hours of "fun." When he meets Harry Styles, successful CEO of a big company, it's lust at first sight.

    Harry was a tall, green-eyed and curly-haired dominant male. Everyone turned heads as he walked into a room, he had that kind of affect. When one night by chance he steps into the nightclub for a drink, he sees Louis dancing in a cage. Watching his every move, he realizes how much he needed to buy time with the gorgeous dancer.

    One night was all it took for Louis and Harry to fall head over heels and continue night after night of late meetups after work. There's just one problem. Louis is still a stripper, and Harry is possessive. Men still want to buy time with Louis, but now that he's won Harry's heart, it starts to get difficult. He's fallen in love with a stripper.

    I'll leave the rest in the comments coz I don't have enough room yikes.
    My Best Friend's Brother // Loucel:
    Louis Tomlinson has four best friends. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. The five of them have been inseparable since they were 9 years old. Now they are 17 and in their second year of college. 4 of the 5 are happily out as gay. Harry is with Niall, Zayn is still looking for a boyfriend, Liam has a girlfriend and Louis... Well Louis is crushing on his best friend's brother.

    Marcel Styles was unusual as some would say. He was socially awkward, didn't pick up on cues, and highly intelligent. Marcel was the straight A's kind of boy. He dressed in a way that made him stand out; sweater vests, tight pants and always wore button down shirts. But no matter how odd he was on the outside, Marcel had a heart of gold.

    Being diagnosed with a more severe Aspergers Syndrome, Harry spent all his time trying to work with his little brother. He always worried Marcel would falter when Harry eventually moved out and started his own life. But when he learns that his best mate has fallen head over heels for his anxious brother, things seem to relax a bit.

    It's an unusual love story, but isn't all love unusual if you think about it? Who needs something "regular" when you can have something extraordinary?

    I Turned The Homophobe Into A Lesbian?! (an original story):
    Katie Renolds was the highschool girl everyone wanted to be. Pretty, thin, popular, and good with her mouth as the boys like to say. Haley White was a mediocre girl, popular amongst many but not to the extent that Katie was. Haley was also a lesbian, and Katie was homophobic. Katie's family always taught her that gays and lesbians will eternally burn in hell for their "disgusting sin" and Katie had no other teaching that being gay was perfectly okay. She spews her disgust and hatred at Haley daily, with her friends by her side. Who were also homophobic.

    Katie and Haley have art class together. They both love to paint. One day, the art teacher pairs up students for an art project. And guess who got thrown together? That's right. Katie Renolds and Haley White. The homophobic queen and the tomboy lesbian. Some might say that's a match made in hell. But what will happen one night when they share a drunken kiss, and Haley starts to develop feelings for Katie, and Katie develops feelings for Haley? Is Haley really that good of a kisser to turn the school's biggest homophobe into a lesbian??

    And last but certainly not least:

    I'll Look After You // Larry Stylinson:
    Louis Tomlinson never got too far with boys. Or far with girls for that matter. He didn't have time for love. He was busy, he was working. Needed to pay rent to provide for himself. Harry Styles was coated in tattoos, gauges, piercings and his curly blue streaked hair. He was kicked to the curb for the way he loved, bullied at school for the way he looked. He never thought he'd fit in anywhere.

    When they two boys cross paths, they never expected to find closure in their blossoming friendship. But when they both catch feelings, their friendship turns into something more that both of them really need. But Harry has a past, full of dark and twisted secrets that Louis is trying to get to. Will the two boys fight for love, or is Harry too far gone in his mind?
    Glad your back. Can't wait for the new fanfics of Larry Stylinson!!!! :)
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    mumbled "Update for "Don't Let Me Go" is coming tonight!!! "

    As I've mentioned prior, i update a lot more on wattpad than I do here (Wattpad username is loverofwriting1d ). Sorry but I just do since I have the wattpad app and it's easy to access when I'm on my phone. Sometimes I use the desktop version on my phone but I try and avoid it because it lags my phone. But here I am so XD Tonight when I get home from work I'll upload another chapter or two of Don't Let Me Go. Have a nice day guys :)
  • loverofwriting1d
    OMG I LOVE THE UPDATE. I sense a little romance coming along eh? ;) Update again soon, this is amazing!!!!
    Solace ~ h.s.
    Solace ~ h.s.
    If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.
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