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  • ***hope***
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    Hey about that "you wouldnt understand " thing, your wrong because there are people out there ,who feels the same, maybe even worse.but thats not what im here about.(okay maybe a lil bit) but i know how you feel,sometimes you just want to screem or yell whatever you have to say but once you open your mouth....nothing.its normal really, i guess your just...scared of what they'll think.just try and to forget what had happen, but dont forget everything..thEy might must be handy some day.just keep moving to the rhythm of the beat
    My life
    My life
    This is my life, my story. I need to get it out. The tiny hope that maybe someone could understand. I don't think anyone ever will, but i need a help i can't get.
    Rachel Evans
    3 years ago
    The whole "nobody would understand"? There's very few people who would understand. My allergies aren't normal. I have two "rare" allergies. The odds of someone having the same two, are very small. Mine are so exstreme, that even the doctors are suprised. There's not many who can relate to that. So yeah, i feel alone. It's not something i can forget, because it affects every part of my life. I can't take a vacation, and get a break.
    I've already been at the bottom, and i fought my way back up, all on my own. I'm finally starting to love myself, and now i have to change myself. I know some people have it worse, but i also learned it's okay to break sometimes. I'm allowed to break down in tears, because i know how few people who would handle being in my situation. I'm fighting as hard as i can, but sometimes i realize i'll have to fight forever, and sometimes i lose hope. Why keep fighting when it can't change anything?
    Now you tell me, how many people out there can understand? How many people struggle with the same things? How many have been in my situation? How many know how i feel? Who can relate? Because i really want to talk with these people. I'm walking around blind, trying not to hit a wall, but someone put me in a maze. How am i supossed to get out, when i have nothing to go after?
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