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Old Amaan is dead...

Catching Fire

by , Saturday December 30, 2017
Catching Fire


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  • Amaan.s_official

    mumbled "o.0 SMH REALLY?"

    @[Magnet2000] keep trying to start beef over bcuz tbh no1 really cares. I thought we forgave eachother cos yh we both did wrong but you obviously cant get over it. I've got an amazing fan base and have written amazing stories so even if u do try call me out again, hardly any1 will take notice bcuz its a win-win for me. I've made it to the top of the trending page multiple times cos of the likes and views i get, and if ur goiung to try quote stuff from 'FEUD', well thx cos Feud has actually made a huge impact for writers and readers here.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    sorry Where's the beef is an OLD joke! Miss the old lady who did that. Clara Peller

    wow I was like 11 when that Wendy's Campaign came out... LOL!!! I am OOOOLLLLLD!!!!
    2 weeks ago
    SMH read the mumble pls
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    @[Magnet2000] Sorry I don't need to... I don't get into other people's squabbles... I tend to stay out of it and be objectively neutral... like most writers should and are.

  • Amaan.s_official

    mumbled "@Magnet2000 o.0"

    Really? Starting beef all over? LOL I thought we were finished with that 'bullshit' u called off yourself. XD You still thinking about a fall out that happened months ago and I'm thinking about stunting up onto the trending page- again
  • Amaan.s_official

    mumbled "Collab any1?"

    So I was wondering if any1 wanted to collab with me for one of their stories. I dont really mind the genre but I feel that I want my writing style to develop and change a lot. Yes people think I am successful as a solo writer but I REALLY WANT TO collab with someone. Btw im 14- dont know the relevance of my age but yeah. I'm good with anything but my specialists are poetry, comedy, emotional writing and realist writing on true events.
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    1 months ago
    Your 14? I AM TOO!!!
    I'm glad to find someone who's my age in here.
    1 months ago
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    Book Maker
    3 weeks ago
    I thought i was the only 14 years old here.. haha
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