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  • alyloves1direction
    Please delete this story now. I am alyloves1direction from Wattpad. You did not ask my permission to take my story, so you did steal it. All of my stories are copyrighted so what you are doing is illegal. I want this story deleted now or else I have the authority to bring the law involved. I'll give you one day.
    The Teacher (A Harry Styles Fanfic)
    The Teacher (A Har...
    *I did not write this fanfic. The author is alyloves1direction on Wattpad. All the credit goes to her and please don't steal her ideas because she worked hard to come up with them. Her fanfics are unlike...
    5 years ago
    Can YOU please post the story again on yours? Your story is amazing and I really want to know what happens! It's one of the best I have read! Pleaseeeee? :)
    Christine Seguin
    5 years ago
    I told u about it last month remember? U said, as long as I credited you, you were ok with it.
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