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Hey, guys! I'm Emily, but you probably already guessed that... I live in California and I'm a freshman. Some of my good friends are Antwonisha and ForeverDeranged:3 so check them out! :)

  • Always_Emily
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. You've built such a realistic character in just a few paragraphs, it's insane. I feel like I know him already. This is fantastic.
    BlakeWood Academy
    BlakeWood Academy
    A strange and socially awkward boy is transferred to a new school where he meets people just as "strange" as him.
  • Always_Emily
    I would probably date anyone who said any of these to me. Just sayin.
    Little Book of Chat Up Lines
    Little Book of Cha...
    Little Book Of Chat Up lines.....
    Ms Holly
    5 years ago
    Same. If anyone used a Hunger Games or Big Bang Theory one, I'd probably marry them.
  • Always_Emily
    Broface. You can not leave us hanging like this. Post more.
    That One Mistake
    That One Mistake
    I actually wrote this a while back. Just thought I'd post it to see what people thought and maybe I'll continue, depending. Hope you enjoy it (: I had everything- the looks, the grades, the friends,...
  • Always_Emily
    Whoa. Cliffhanger! This is insane! I love it! I am literally on the edge of my seat. If anyone beats you, they are surely the next J. K. Rowling of our generation.
    Don't Stop
    Don't Stop
    (My NanoWriMo entry!) Don't let them find you. Don't let them aware of your prescence. Always be one step ahead, and never forget that no one is your friend. It all started with a phone call. Alex...
  • Always_Emily
    Wow! this is really good! I wish you the best of luck in the competition. I'm just a little confused though. Aren't epilogues typically at the END of stories? I always thought prologues were at the beginning...
    The Murderer In Flat 13
    The Murderer In...
    A murderer and abuser once lived in my road a few months ago... He's arrested now. Sadly, his girlfriend is dead and several people are traumatized because he was in a flat and they were below or above...
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