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Just gotta try my best! You don't know what tomorrow will hold, that's why you have to keep going!

Hello, all, I'm Alviss.

It would be really amazing if you could check out my stories 'Oleander' and 'The Poison Garden'.
'The Poison Garden' is a work in progress, and both may require thorough editing, but I am positively devoted to the characters, and will do everything I can to make my writing or the character development better.
And saying that, if anyone could offer any CC on either of those stories, that would be amazing, I'd be so grateful!

  • Alviss Brown

    mumbled "Names in the Garden"

    After the most recent chapter of The Poison Garden, I feel I must clarify something: how names work in the Garden.
    You may have already noticed that all the characters have names based on plant names, and often poisonous plants, but why would those of foreign origin have the same kinds of names?
    For example, Khat's mother is Romanian, and her father is an unknown and has played no part in her life. So why does Khat have a plant name?
    This is because it's a rule in the Garden that every citizen has a plant name.
    Khat's mother, who immigrated from what, in our time, was Romania also has a plant name despite that not being her birth name.
    When a person wants to enter the Garden repeatedly or to stay for a long period of time they must take on a plant-based name.
    For immigrants, they may have another name from their homeland for their children as well as the plant name, but most find it's easiest to just name their child after a plant and leave it at that.
    And that's why Khat is Khat and not Andreea or Mihaela or another Romanian name.
    (I also don't know a lot about Romania, so it makes things easier for me, too.)

    Enjoy this week's chapter! Next week there will be two again!
  • Alviss Brown

    mumbled "Bluebottle:"

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    When you're so committed to your character that you completely bypass the actual storyline and the fact that you're aromantic to give them a heckin' Jane Eyre-type romance because THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH AND DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

    I am a mess over Bluebottle.

    (Not quite spoilers, right? I can be let off for this one? Please?)
    Sarah Bq
    1 weeks ago
    These nightmares invade me... when I really try to keep the sad ending LOL.
  • Alviss Brown

    mumbled "Two New Chapter This Week!"

    As the title says, this week sees the release of two chapters, and that's because chapter 15 is very short like chapter 5 was.
    I swear we're getting closer to some action. But I've come to realise it's more of a slow story with a lot of focus on the characters...
    And I'll probably feel like I need to revise it one hundred times over.
    But, for now, enjoy what I've written!

  • Alviss Brown

    mumbled "Chapter 14!"

    Chapter 14 is now uploaded!
    More good news: I'm writing again.
    For a month or two now I've just been uploading pre-written chapter, slightly edited. I got stuck because I need to write something that ACTUALLY progresses the story, and it's difficult to know how to start...
    I considered splitting it into parts, and say that what would currently be chapter 17 (as yet unpublished, of course) could be the end of part one, and start the active stuff on chapter 18.
    But I've decided against that. I got a couple of breaker chapters in, and now I'm figured out exactly how to start this new action!
    So, on one hand - I'm motivated to write more right now!
    On the other hand - I am supposed to be motivated to do reading for my uni course. I am not.

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