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Niall Horan Is my boyfriend *hoping so bad*

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    Fandom acadamy: name: Althea ariawan
    Fandom: divergent
    Age: 13
    Favorite: the factions
    Fandom Academy
    Fandom Academy
    Ever wanted to join a school for your favorite Fandom? Well now you can. (Fandom Groups in the first chapter and the form in the second)
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    This is litterally amazing is there going to be a next chapter?
    Short life of Renesmee Cullen
    Short life of Rene...
    Renesmee's life, and point of view of being a vampire. It used to be peaceful for her, but once she's made a wrong move on Jacob, a war occurs between Bella herself, the voltouri and the werewolf clan....
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    Maybe, I'm working on it :P It's going to be long xD thank you though >.<
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