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I'm awesome. End of story.

I'm shy and nerdy when you first meet me, but when you get to know me I'm LOUD, cocky, and a loyal friend. I'm also a boss, but you probably already knew that.

I'm a complete weirdo. That is important. I have a wild and dirty imagination that makes me, me! I like to give advice to people. Especially when they need it the most! Tell me a problem you have and I'll definitely help you the best I can!

Most of people think that I'm really smart, or really stupid. My friend says I'm the smartest dumb person she's ever met! I can, honestly, be really negative towards people I don't like, or people who make me angry. Even if they're a friend of mine! I like to fight for what I believe in. Many people think I'm weird or crazy when I get in arguments with them when the topic doesn't make sense.

You know that loud, annoying kid in your class that can say the funniest jokes, laugh at the dumbest things, and asked really good questions? That's probably someone like me. But, if your really a serious person, you probably won't like me.

My favorite bands are Paramore, Imagine Dragons, Sleeping with Sirens, Falling in Reverse, Black Veil Brides(Yeah!), and Coldplay.

My favorite colors are White, Yellow, and Pink! I like to argue with people about whether white is a color or not. It's quite amusing! My favorite foods are French Fries, Skittles, Brownies, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My favorite books are The Percy Jackson Series, both one and two, Ella Enchanted, Fairest, The Island Of The Blue Dolphins, and The Olympians graphic novels. Those things are cool! I LOVE ANIME! Let's see how many I can name that I've watched.

Black Butler
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
Death note
Vampire Knight
Diabolik Lovers
Fairy Tail
Ouran High school Host Club
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
Black Butler ||(I'm counting it!)
Black Butler: Book of Circus

I started writing when I was about 8 in 3rd grade. Then I stopped in 4th grade and started again at the end of 5th. So, I've been doing it for a while. I had a creepy Spanish teacher in the sixth grade, and he was really into my love for it. I'm pretty much a pro. (I have a Wattpad BTW. Sadly, I just don't do anything on it. XD)

Just kidding. I hope you like what I write, though!

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