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that girl thats been living her worst nightmares and dreaming he most wanted dreams...

  • little.kitten

    mumbled "hey im back!!!!"

    7 months agoReply

    been awhile since ive been on so hey!!!! recently i performed for my schools black history month celebration and sung " stand by me " by Ben E King and this is what i wore
    7 months ago
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    You look great!!

    @[Chocolate.Roses] @[F*** You] ew guys stop being all nasty and pathetic..
    7 months ago
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    I care
    7 months ago
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    Don't listen to what people like that say
  • little.kitten

    mumbled "i miss him"

    11 months agoReply
    it hurts cause the boy i thought i loved is gone... i miss him so much i text him today and i asked him if i was good to him... he never responded to me... i guess im that bad in realitionships
  • little.kitten

    mumbled "normal?"

    -do you define the word normal, to each his or her own meaning upon this subject

    - push to contain such perfection in such a boring world

    -everyone has the same goals, values and lifestyle

    -you could be your own kind of normal, instead of living a life where everything in it was choosen for you, when you could choose

    -you are and not have anyone decide your life.so

    -is normal?
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