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Read my first book out! i'm working really hard on it! When school starts in 2 days i'm mostly likely only going to be able to update on Saturdays and Sundays but i will continue to work on it to make it spectacular for you guys

Title of book " Suffer."

  • Allie Gremmel

    mumbled "new movella coming up!"

    im going to start writing a new movella! i will be finshing up the other one, "suffer." but i hae a great idea for the new one and it will be amazing!!!
  • Allie Gremmel

    mumbled "If you've started reading "suffer.""

    if you've started reading the book, I know its still in the beginning but please comment your constructive criticism and opinions about it! i would really love to know how you guys think its coming along.
  • Allie Gremmel

    mumbled "Schools here and summer is over!"

    To all my readers:
    School is starting on Monday which means i'm probably going to only have time update on the weekends :(
    But when Saturday comes i promise to update all weekend and get a lot done!
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