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I'm a twin! My sister is my best friend. Her Name is Layla Louise! My best friend (more like my other sister) is Carmen S. I am a bubbly little potterhead, demigod, shadow hunting, Cahill!

  • Allie Marie
    This is a great idea! Do you think I could co-author?
    My Perspective of The Chosen One
    My Perspective of...
    A girl in Harry Potter's grade tells his adventures from her perspective.
  • Allie Marie
    16 marks I love music
    My Faction- Vistry
    My Faction- Vistry
    So this is just a random photoshop I did of what my faction would be like, which then spiralled out of all control! Take the test to see if YOU'D be in Vistry!
     River_Summers ☕️
    That's brilliant! Music is greeaattt....*sighs dreamily*.
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