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Hey im Aly, Im crazy and I love playing electric guitar, I love rock music (especially Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, Sleeping with Sirens and Motley Crue and I really love horror so you might get a lot of horror stories from me

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    Im stuck in my nightmare again. Meeting with a new one tonight. I look around me and can barely see anything over the thick layer of fog that is setting in on this old place. I squint and realize Im at a run down fair ground. Im nervous but I start to slowly walk down the dirt path I seem to be standing on. I hug myself due to the cold wind that blows through the trees and rushes through my hair. I look around, unsure if I should walk farther but I don't want to think right now. Suddenly laughter comes from somewhere not far from where I stand. A chill is sent down my spine.
    "Im not the only one here" I thought, "But then who else is and where are they?"
    The laughter strikes again and this time closer. It sounds like the laughter of a clown but I cant be sure.
    Suddenly the fog rises and the laughter stops. I look around. All that stands before is old carnival rides, molded game stand. The once happy colours now faded to a darker, more frightening one. Prize stuffed animals hang by thin threads as if they were about to snap. The button eyes hang by worn strings and necks were slit, stuffing spewing out to the counters and ground. I here footsteps coming up behind me. I don't want to turn around but as usual curiosity took over so I did. Face to face with me were a pack of carnies and clowns. Death stares stretched on their faces,some even holding daggers and knives. Their clothing was dirt caked and smeared with blood and mud mixed together to make a raw colour. All I could think to do was run so I did. I ran as fast as my heart could take. It felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest all together! My legs begged for direction but all I wanted was to wake up so I couldn't do a thing. "Will I die this way?' I thought, tears racing down my face now. Their footsteps got closer, louder by the second and I was starting to get tired. What could I do, stop and sell my soul to the devil or even just surrender that easily? Maybe. Then like in the horror movies I tripped over a rock. I hadn't even seen it there, probably because I was caught up in the rhythm of my quick beating heart.
    (Will you die this way?)
    Then like lightning the blade slid through my heart. I shrieked in pain as the blood came out like a red waterfall. Applause and cheering fills my ears. My question was answered...
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