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  • All5thsofthem
    This is so awesome! Please write more!!
    Beauty and the Geek
    Beauty and the Gee...
    Emily has everything she has ever wanted; popularity, a handsome, all-star athlete boyfriend and a top spot on the cheerleading squad. So why does it feel like she has nothing at all? When her grades...
    Stephanie Williams
    Thankyou so much :) Updated today hope you love it! xxx
  • All5thsofthem
    I love your stories!! When will there be a third?? :)
    Forever Begins Now
    Forever Begins Now
    First, I want to thank forever_young14 for suggesting this awesome name, and I just so happened to think it would suit this sequel very well. Second, THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO Coincidental Love!!!! Haley...
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