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Am a 16 year old that loves to be with her friends. I watch loads of people that is too many to name. Also i can play something that has 6 strings. Do scootering, skating ad skateboarding. Follow me on twitter: @alishahoran0

Never get jealous if you see your ex with someone else because our parents told us to give our used things to the less fortunate ;D

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    mumbled "Boyfriends"

    When your boyfriend says that he dosnt love anything as much as he loves you.... AWHHHH
    4 years ago
    haha awh. mine always says that he has never loved someone as much as he loves me
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    Could you pleasedo one of myne. Either my fanfiction
    My 5 Idiotic BrothersAm 13 and dont know who my real parents are any more. I have been in this adoption home for most of my life... well that is until i get adopted by 5 guys....

    or my other one
    Relatable ThingsThis movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave...
    Reviews By ME
    Reviews By ME
    If you want someone to look at your Movella... to tell you their honest opinions then that someone is ME!! Just comment with the link or the name of your Movella and I will check it out and give you my...
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    Blond and long
    Jacksgap (includingFinn)
    Please write about it
    Famous Youtuber Imagines
    Famous Youtuber...
    I am a fan of lots of people, on youtube. and I have got to know them. I have decided to put my knowledge to the test as you ask me for imagines with them. These people include: Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire)...
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    Jacksgap (Including Finn)
    Long blond hair, blue eyes
    dirty please
    YouTuber imagines
    YouTuber imagines
    Comment your name, which YouTuber and looks and any nicknames. Also clean/mild/dirty
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    mumbled "UPDATES"

    I dont think ill be able to do an update for a while.... done somet to my wrist when i fell on it earlier... liturally fell.. going do quater pipe at skate park, fell and landed on my wrist....... it has practically taken 5 minuets to write this so am really sorry dont think i can update for a while.... .sorry
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