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I love to sing. I like to play sports but I also love wearing skirts and dresses. My fav colors are black and maroon . My fav band member of 5 seconds of Summer is Calum Hood.

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    I love it. Please update
    Birthmark ( Jason McCann Love Story)
    Birthmark ( Jason...
    When Ivy Summers was five she learned what her birthmark stood for. Her mother and father told her that one day when she is older she will meet someone who was born with the same tattoo as hers. That...
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    I realized I put when ever words are in parenthesis its sign language. I meant to put italics
    Abused Mute
    Abused Mute
    A girl named Alina gets abused at home from her dad. She never lets it get in the way for he school life though. She's not just abused she is also a mute. Will Calum Hood save her? Read to find out more....
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    Please update
    How Did We End Up Here?
    How Did We End Up...
    Have you ever had that one experience that you can never forget? Caroline Elizabeth Kingston has. Caroline is a normal teenage girl by day, but a famous tumblr blogger and a writer at night, who goes...
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