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i am 13 i love one direction,

yolo xxx

  • alice horan
    you are so lucky i love them so much <3 x how did u get there numbers <3 xx
    When We Were Young
    When We Were Young
    ♥lovin the hearts♥
    I am reporting that comment. It was irrelevant an childish. It was all part of the story, and I was being a good writer, you should try that sometime. You can't talk to people like that, I was just having fun. And what is the point insulting me when at the end you put xoxo? You are the one being pathetic.
    Fluffy Killer
    6 years ago
    Reporting? Take a chill pill, really. I'm just saying you should really not lie, and say styff like that, 'cause people would actually believe in you? I don't think that you would like that? And you're really childish, by saying i'm not a good writer, beacuse you don't know that! You haven't read them, so please that's ridiculous.
    And i wasn't meant to put xoxo, it's just a habbit -.-
    I'm not pathetic at all, i'm telling the truth.
    ♥lovin the hearts♥
    how do you know i havent read them? i have read them, and i will report what i think is unnecessary
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