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    mumbled "The Story of Bob the Cat"

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    Morning’s on
    You wake and yawn
    And to the lawn
    You get drawn

    The lawn is calling
    Almost bawling
    You feel like falling
    Panting, crawling

    It gets noon,
    You brought a spoon
    And realize, not too soon:
    You should have brought harpoon

    Noon is there
    The lawn’s a square
    A knight is floating in the air
    He says: “beware, I’m not a pear!”

    Afternoon brings fight;
    With spoon alight
    You aim in fright
    And hit the gruesome knight

    Alas, he’s got a sword
    The one you always adored
    But never could afford
    And by it you are getting gored

    When it’s evening, you shout “WHAT?!”
    For instead of stab your gut
    He drops the sword and eats a nut
    And suddenly you think he’s is hot

    You ask if he will marry you
    “I will, if you can find my stew”
    At this you sneeze (you’ve got the flu)
    His stew is gone, but you’ve got two

    “It’s night and you will have to hurry”
    But you tell him not to worry
    ‘Cause you have got a cat that’s furry
    His name is Bob and he’s from Surrey

    Some may ask why that does matter
    The answer: he has got a ladder
    Off he crawls, leaves only a spatter
    And returns with silver platter

    But on the platter is a cage
    And the knight he screams in rage
    He draws the sword
    But then he’s caught
    And unfortunately, so are you
    Bob has got you and the stew

    Next morning Bob has eaten you
    And knight and stew and platter, too
    “Big time!” he says
    He cannot rhyme.
    3 years ago
    Lovely! Bob the Cat and Bob the Human should make a band and call it Bob the Catman!
    3 years ago
    They did, but Bob the Cat ate Bob the Human onstage. It was absolutely awful!
  • Alias

    mumbled "Mummmmmmmmmble"

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    Now I'm trying one of these mumbling things. I don't know what you are supposed to write here. I think I'll mumble. MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE.
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    *Begging for you fitness*
    3 years ago
    I already gave it to you, or as you say 'you stole it'!
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