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My name's Alexis! (:
I'm Irish, British and Italian. (:
I love smiley faces. (:
I love One Direction more than anything. (:
I love food. (:
Don't ask me to rank the boys from favorite to least favorite. I could never do that. (:

  • AlexisMahone11
    Lexie and Zayn please (: I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and I'm short (4'10). Could it be where I'm about to get raped but he comes and saves me? (:
    1D Imagines :) x
    1D Imagines :) x
    Comment your Name Boy Funny, romantic, cute, sad, sad then happy, or dramatic Color your eyes Color your hair That's all It's simple, but effective :D -Alexis Horan x
    5 years ago
    Woah. We have the same name! :o Do you like Austin Mahone?! :)
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