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  • alexis_leannXD

    Co-author ??

    Hey, looking for some one interested in co-authoring. I have some ideas , we can combine our ideas. I want to write another fan fic but i have no time to do it all by myself. Plus i always end up ditching it because i have no more ideas and get stuck. so help? Feel free to read my movella , and ill read yours if you offer.
    p.s. ( if you read Breaking Bad , I write Skylars pov.)
    4 years ago
    I will help you! Contact me: Kik: SummerxLover
    or contact me here!
    I hope we can make an amazing book together!
  • alexis_leannXD

    co-authors .

    Hi. Okay im co authoring with two girls and I love it and want to co author another fan fic.
    1. I have some ideas , so we can combine our ideas.
    2. I'm open , dont be afraid to tell me that my chapter looks like a 5th grader typed it.
    3. Sorry , but i wont co-author with someone who cannot write . I know im not perfect , and neither do you need to be but i wont be able to write with someone who types like a 8 year old.
    5. i like detailing my story's .
    I can not promise you that i will be able to write everyday , sometimes im not on for a week or two . i accept your absences , you accept mine :)

    Feel free to read a chapter of any one of my movellas . ( in breaking bad i write skylars pov. ) ( promise me forever was one of my first few so it might not be my best )
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    mumbled "New movellas "

    I am currently working on 3 unpublished movellas. Breaking bad, which im doing with two wonderful lads. Memories of No One, which will be released this week hopefully. and i truly believe this will be one of my best works aside from Breaking Bad. And lastly I will be doing Turning Him Bad which will not be out for a while, due to me working on my 3 other stories.
    Once they are posted please give some feedback :)xx lots of love .
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    write a fanfic with me ?

    I want to write a fanfic with someone. It doesn't really matter which one of the boys it is on. I just really want to see what its like to write a fanfic together. You can check out my fanfics. I only have one on this profile but i have two others named a love like no other and falling for my hero.

    Comment if you would like to be apart of this umm ... "journey" lol idk , and if you have any ideas on what we can write about. and also i have no problem with it being like a 3 person one .
    thanks , xoxo
    4 years ago
    im sorry i was downtown all day. and breaking bad is a great name ! and i like the whole marriage thing ! Great idea . and meg you can be one of my brides maids . then yes , mo your character will cause trouble . This is going to be good .
    My character will be honest , smart , and is just like an instant friend to everyone. Shes gonna be like the type who went throught so many break ups and when shes with harry at first she thought he was the one and final one but then thats gonna change and Louis will just be like no other . and shes just gonna be like heart broken , and mo you and me are gonna have to get into a huge argument and eventually somehow make up and be okay with the whole thing .
    and yea , thats fine .

    4 years ago
    Alrighty! (: What is going to be the main plot though? Like, is that it, or is it just part of it..Just wondering:P And uhmmm my girl's name could be Mandy Marie, or Jaylen Rae......And I'll just have a America accent.;3
    4 years ago
    I think it awesome!! xD Thanks for adding me to the book.(:
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