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  • AlexGuzelian
    Amazing ending. Awesome trilogy all in all. Really good!
    Requiem: Suicide by Star
    Requiem: Suicide...
    The last in the Requiem trilogy. Daw'ka awaits his fate inside a jump suit being fired at the Alliance stronghold of Onyxia. He must bring down the enemies shields, find Faux and the data key, as well...
  • AlexGuzelian
    Nice sequel. But there's a mistake, on mentioning the cigars you say Dawka has never smoked in his life but Melro gave him one after the incident in the first book
    Requiem: Fools Academy
    Requiem: Fools Aca...
    The sequel to Requiem: Life on Verigo. This story follows on from where the last left off. Daw'ka, now alone, has been given a mission by the gang leader Melro to infiltrate the Imperial Fleet, and...
    D.B. Fairless
    6 years ago
    By god you're right! Ha good memory, I've taken the line out of the first book about Melro giving him a cigarette. so now his first cigar is correct :) thanks for your praise! Only one book to go ;)
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