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My name is Alex and I've been writing novels ever since I was in the 6th grade. I've written many full length stories over the years, each one the same concept except altered every time I've re-written it. I've finally gotten everything down that I want there to be within this story, and I've decided to make it a trilogy. The books will be titled as follows :

One Legend : Shattered Savior
One Legend : The Severed Oath
One Legend : Cleansing Genocide

One Legend is a fantasy epic about a boy turned Prince who tries to keep his inhuman abilities a secret, but is forced to risk exposure to keep his promise to humanity. It is the story of a young Prince who gradually, because of his mistakes, becomes the reason he can't keep his promise.

I like to write dark and tragic fantasy stories. A stories impact is much deeper when it makes you feel sadness, in my opinion. I hope to have the trilogy completed by summer of 2015, and I'll publish each chapter as soon as I finish them. Please read them sometime!

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    One Legend - An In Progress Dark Fantasy

    Had this up before, but after coming up with a new plot device that changed much of the story, I unpublished the original story and am gradually re-uploading in parts as I edit the entire thing.

    Looking for readers who are interested in Dark, Tragic Fantasy stories and would enjoy delving into a world that I've been building for almost 10 years.

    One Legend : Before the FallWe all have secrets, some more terrifying than others. What if your secret is one that threatens your life to reveal? What if it threatens the ones you...
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    One Legend - A Dark Fantasy Novel!

    I've been writing this story for years now. It's gone through various drafts/revisions over time, but I'm currently writing the final draft. Looking for some readers to give me feedback on it.

    This is a very serious story. It's dark, tragic, epic, and at times it can be depressing. I plan on making this a trilogy, but that's only if people seem interested.

    I'd appreciate some readers!

    One Legend : Shattered SaviorA fallen hero, a destroyed hope, and a corrupted soul. Emerging from ruins, a traitor Prince tells his tragic story of his dark origins and broken oath...
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    Some quotes to help people understand the tone of the story :

    "That's the problem with honor and Kings. You take an oath and you must obey, no matter the result. Even if it's your own demise."

    "Her thoughts had already shifted towards her painful memory. Her tears covered her eyes and face while her lips showed no signs of any smile. Whether it was my intention or not, I had broke this little girl. And while I may hold these extraordinary abilities, I still had no power to put her back together. All I could do was try keeping her mind off the bleeding."

    "Do I end her short life and leave her underneath the ruins; Or do I risk my exposure and save her?"

    "You'll find more honor in protecting the weak than you'll find beneath a tyrant, my friend. I recall you taking an oath to protecting all of humanity. Did you forget about it while you were murdering the helpless?"
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    Read my Epic Story! *In Progress*

    Hi, everyone! I just joined here yesterday so I could share the novel I've been working so hard on with the world. Right now there's only two chapters published but I'll be adding one or two more every day.

    Because this is a draft you'll probably find quite a few errors and I'd greatly appreciate it if you pointed them out.

    Other than that, I'm looking for feedback on my writing and story telling. Please comment whether you like it or not, and if you don't, give me some reasons why.

    Thank you and happy reading!

    One Legend : Origins of PanikA young boy adopted by the King of the strongest city on the continent must keep his secret hidden away out of fear. After a twisted turn of events, the...
    4 years ago
    Thanks I'd appreciate it!
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    Hello Fellow Writers and Readers!

    My name is Alex and I've been writing novels ever since the 6th grade, each novel being better written than the last until now, when I'm finally working on the final draft.

    I like to write tragic fantasy stories about pain, sorrow, regret, and darkness. If you ever get a chance to read anything I've written you'll know exactly what I mean.

    Currently I'm working on a trilogy titled "One Legend", you should check it out! I plan on writing a chapter or two per day so it's constantly being updated.

    One Legend : Origins of PanikA young boy adopted by the King of the strongest city on the continent must keep his secret hidden away out of fear. After a twisted turn of events, the...
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