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  • alexandrawhiteland
    Aimz this is good so far, I like the cliff hanger but you really need to write more want to learn.more about this steve bloke, hes gay right?
    Vogue Ambition
    Vogue Ambition
    Amy had always thought success was worth any sacrifice, but when faced with achieving almost everything she has ever wanted while her best friends world falls apart can her dreams ever really become reality...
  • alexandrawhiteland
    you seriously need to get writing :) i cant wait to know what happens <3
    The unseen
    The unseen
    Death is inevitable. Expected. Concrete. The afterlife however is entirely unknown; A culturally bound, socially constructed proposal of what may be, relative to the individual it is impossible to define...
    6 years ago
    Ha, thanks Ali. I didn't just make you sign up to the site to read my stories though you wally... you should read others too. look on my favourites list for some really awsome ones!
    promise I'll write more soon
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