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Hi, what can I say, I'm just another girl who has made writing her life. Whenever something happens to me I'll throw myself into the world where I can be Alexandra Johnson. She's confident, brave and Unbreakable. Nothing ever fazes her and that's the real me, the person I am when I write, when I sing, she's part of me.

Music is another massive part of me, I've been writing songs since I knew how to write! Lets just say that putting story's on here is much easier than showing them someone in person.

Well I'm really new to this so I'm open to advice I write crime/mystery/horror/humour/friendship stuff I know messed up genre but oh we'll.

My friends think I'm mad which a lot of the time I am and trust me in my writing it shows but every great genius has been mad, Einstein and Newton, complete nutcases!

So that's all I have really and I'm boring myself

Love, Alex x

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