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Hi, i'm Alex. I'm mostly into the supernatural and stuff.

  • Alexandra Ellison
    Very good, now update!!
    Apartment # 1D
    Apartment # 1D
    It’s been 37 days since One Direction set foot on stage. Taking advantage of a cool summer, the boys decide to take a break and vacation in Manhattan, New York with none other than Liam’s childhood friend,...
  • Alexandra Ellison
    Good luck with the nominations
    Cries Of The Unfaithful (2012 Best Cover Nomination)
    Cries Of The Unfai...
    I will not attempt to hide in the depths of my insanity. Nor will I deny them. Who are they to say that time will heal all wounds . . . without a price in return? CAUTION: SOME CHAPTERS(11,17) MAY...
  • Alexandra Ellison
    So, if i got this correctly. She's a hunter who was turn into a vamp?
    Prejudice & Bloodlust [Cover Competition]
    Prejudice & Bloodl...
    I had yet to savor life to its flavor perfection without the need to desire it, but my desires laid elsewhere. In the end, I knew, I would succumb to my nature, one that I was ever so anxious to relish...
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