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    you shouldn't make this crap your 13 and you are not going to have any friends and this is y he doest like u and i will lmao if any of them find out because they will go off on u like batman on the joker and probably take this to the office and u will get in big truble she told me about this and its fine to make books but u should at lest change the names on there like really.
    The Life Risking Change
    The Life Risking...
    Another Jasllie story! Jason and Kellie have been together for a couple years. They're your average "perfect" couple. But there's the fights and drama. And a baby on the way. Will this baby cause an...
    3 years ago
    first of all it's just a MADE UP story and it's not like it's actually gonna happen that's why it's MADE UP and you don't know that he doesn't like me. second of all I actually do have A LOT of friends and they wouldn't stop being my friends bc of a made up story,
    3 years ago
    third of all yeah ok I used like 2 names and it's not like they're gonna take the time to read this and if they did they wouldn't actually tell on me they would just tell their friends and they're not gonna do anything THAT bad to me I've dealt with worse you seriously don't even know me so it's not like you know anyone I know or anyone that knows me personally
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