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Hi I'm Alex but that's really not my real name . I heard this name in middle school, fell in love with it, now I use it for everything.�� I am in love with One Direction and would kidnap Harry Styles if I ever got the chance. I ship Larry Stylinson, I think they are just adorable. And I like BoyXBoy stories, don't ask why I just do. I think that about sums it up, yep I'm just another 18 year old Directioner fanatic! ( I hope I spelled fanatic right) ��

  • Alex Rodriguez
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    This is really good!! �� Please update soon, I cannot wait for it!
    Never Think
    Never Think
    Remember when you were an kid and you thought that if you couldn’t see it, then it wasn’t there? You didn’t understand how perception changed things, you didn’t know that just because the plane hid behind...
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