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My name is Alex, I'm a transdude, and I have a very, very low self-confidence in anything I write, draw, or create. I'm definitely only on this site to write (which is mainly fueled by my depression), not for any relationships (friendships are ok.).

I discovered a while ago that I am, in fact, trans, and like guys.
I thought I was a lesbian because I felt really masculine and I didn't know what transgender was.

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    YES please~! Thanks for the comment on the other story by the way.. you're really sweet. I almost gave up on it.. but I'll keep writing if you're willing to read it.
    The World Where Eden Blossoms
    The World Where...
    A child, born into this world, was female. That was Fourteen years ago. Now, the child is discovering more about herself than she realized at first. And how- she might not be such a girl after all.
  • Alex luv
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    And I'm enjoying the rest, too, though. It's really interesting and true. *nods*
    Girl Handbook
    Girl Handbook
    Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes,...
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    mumbled "some help"

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    Can some of you guys tell me if my story is ok? I'm getting some views, but since no one liked it or commented, I don't know what to think of that...
    jane jonas
    5 years ago
    The for joining my group
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    mumbled "Hello, my chitlets"

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    Yo, guys. Innnn about two weeks (or more; I'm too lazy to get up and go to a calender) my birthday is upon me. I'm excited.
    I wish you all jack-o-lanterns and ghosties (good ones)
    I love ghosts...
    Off-topic me..
    love you all
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