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Hi! Thirteen year old in New York. I love youtube, books, sherlock, and doctor who. I really love Dan and Phil btw.

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    i have problems. when i fangirl, i start talking really fast. when i talk really fast i start flailing my arms like a retarded seal. sometimes i knock things over. sometimes i accidentally hit people. everyone who knows my knows these little episodes as my 'spazzes". my friends think im a freak(even people who arent my friends, just people in my classes) and my parents get angry at me. i want/need a blog, so i can share my feelings the best way i know how, through words. a blog might help me avoid some of these 'spazzes'. i cant figure out how to work the computer version of the blog on here, so pleas help if you know. thanks! (PS. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO WRITE, THANKS.:))
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    Hey! I'm just a normal fangirl. wait. is there such a thing? Nope! im in the HP, PJO, HOO, Max Ride, Divergent, and Hunger games fandoms, currently reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I'm working on a movella called Aria Russo: Demigod Her. This movella is based on Aria Russo (who is based on me) and her best friends, Jack and Leah ( based on my Best friends Brooke and Jack). That should be done and published within a couple months, since its a full book. Thanks! keep reading!
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