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    Howdieess Everyone!!!!
    This is my first time writing to you all and i am super excited.....!
    Truth is I have never written a blog...so I really don't know what to write here.
    I guess one thing common in us is the passion to write and express, to indulge and explore and seek out an adventure in our imaginations......
    I have always dreamed that someday I'll walk down the road and see someone reading my book and actually enjoying it....I think its all the writers dream... to entertain and make people enjoy and capture their emotions....
    So I guess what brought me here was my love of writing and also reading so many wonderful stories......I hardly found any that I didn't like.....there is so much talent !
    I don't know if its weird but books have a certain way of changing my mood.......I'd be so down after some fight with my brother....that if I'd read something romantic or just plain funny I'd be grinning like a fool in no time....and certainly the opposite ......a bit tension in the book...and I'd be irritated in no time.....I guess I am easily manipulated by emotions....but i guess that's the beauty of writing isn't it....? To change how a person is feeling in a turn of a page....its just fascinating to see these wonders of books...and believe me you'll never get tired of it....! I hope to write soon till then toodles!!!!
  • Alba
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    written very boldly and strongly......so much different than the others work...!
    Keep up !!
    Lady Macbeth does the washing.
    Lady Macbeth does...
    Modern day tale of guilt and deceit. (not as violent as Macbeth sorry) This needs some work, but i haven't posted in a while because i've been busy so i thought id get the ball rolling again.
    6 years ago
    appreciate the comment, i do write in a bit of a strange style. Thank you. x
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