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HI! be sure to find me other places
Wattpad: (the username is old btw) _RowanBanchard_GMW
My best friend is @ryanxmoonlight i knew her for 9 years DONT YOU DARE HURT HER

I'm a music person as I mention again below and I like to write A LOT

more facts about me below:

My name is Alayna and I'm feeeeemaleeee
I am finally 16!!
I'm from the states even tho I wish I was from Australia, I'm from the coast where it gets v. cold I just dont wanna say exactly where I am from

I'm in the biggest marching band of my region of all states mixed together
I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers evn tho I should like the Pats
I play Flute, Piccolo, Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano.

I'm kind of looking forward for drivers ed.

I'm in 10th grade but I stayed back in 4th since I was too young to be going to high school
(I would have been 13 for a whole year) so I would have been a junior

I am a emo person and I'm straight.

I am atheist but I accept all religions
I 100% support the LGBTQI community

I love a bunch of bands (they are in a blog I did)
Music means so much to me, I love food and animals and stranger things and roleplaying and fanfictions, with that I LOVE video games.

I dislike most people and I hate homophobes. I am not very sporty's except for watching football, I hate fake people. I also really hate pink.

It's hard for me to get friends since I come off as scary (hence all the black) but i'm really weird and funny and sweet and open once you get to know me

I am single, I have been for 16 years and that will most likely stay the same for years

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