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Bands That I like

by , Tuesday March 21, 2017
 Bands That I like

Bands That i Like/Love 

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  • Blurry face

    mumbled "hmmm so i want to know who im shipped with from 5SOS"

    1 weeks agoReply
    my personality:
    Just a big pile of shit.
    Jk it really changes depending on the day, im loud when im not supposed to be and quiet when im not supposed to be, im salty and sassy and im just a goofy weird ball.
    i love vid. games - final fantasy, MC, Zelda, Assassins Creed.
    I love horror and action films.
    I love pizza and meats (tho im vegetairan rn cos my parents say im over weight)
    i love pikachu
    i have slight anger issues
    i play guitar (i suck at it) piano and ukulele
    physical education is a non existent word to me
  • Blurry face

    mumbled "hurricane"

    2 weeks agoReply
    Do you guys know if irma is gonna hit new england? like :/
    2 weeks ago
    If it does it probably won't be bad bc the ocean is cold up here. No matter what if you live in New England you probably don't have to worry. I do too.
    Blurry face
    2 weeks ago
    not much happens in new england, new hampshire anyway.
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