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Things about me:
Likes - Food, acting, Doctor Who, Merlin, books, Wattpad, Halloween, people playing with my hair, music, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who and did I mention Doctor Who?
Dislikes - Math, spiders, being poked, being tickled, people insulting the things i like, being wrong, and people taking my stuff.

1.You are human
2.You are reading this
3.You can't say the letter "P",without separating your lips
4.You just attempted to do it
6.You are laughing at yourself
7.You have a smile on your face,and you skipped #5
8.You just checked to see if there is a #5
9.You're laughing at this because you are an idiot and everyone else does it too
10. You are going to repost this because you think you're awesome.

A word on the DOCTOR.
He's the awesomest, most awesome, most hot alien in the world, no, galaxy, NO UNIVERSE! He is played by many different actors including, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant <3, and Matt Smith <3. He has (had) a companion named Rose and he's a Timelord from the Planet Gallifrey. You will refer to him as the Doctor or you will not refer to him at all. If you insult him, I will come after you, in your sleep with a screwdriver. Also he uses a sonic screwdriver that can do anything except work on wood. DONT ASK ME WHY! Keep calm and don't blink. There have been 11 reincarnations of him and soon to be a 12th (Technically 13th).

If anybody is wondering about my profile pic, it is Bill Hader as Stefon on SNL. Bill Hader is wonderful man. He has been in a few movies but is mainly known for playing Flint Lockwood in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. My favorite movie that I've seen that has him in it is Hot Rod. He plays Dave. That is all. Thank you and goodbye.

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