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  • Ajaali
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    Seriously why in the world would u ever write something like that!! first of all your story doesnt even make sense "hehe i just raped u and now im sorry " lol what do u think, that she is gonna forgive them just like that ? I know its a fan fiction, but seriously!!!!!! Second of all how can any body fall in love with someone thats hurt u sooo much its crazy lol !!!! No hate im just saying my honest opinion! Get used to the criticism because ur gonna get a lot!
    Kidnapped +15
    Kidnapped +15
    Wouldn't it be every girls biggest dream to be kidnapped by One Direction? Well not for Emily. She hates One Direction. - and it only gets worse when Harry decides to kidnap her. Harry says to the other...
    5 years ago
    I love the story , but i agree. YOU WERE RAPED. they didnt step your foot, THEY RAPED YOU. thats a trauma .
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