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    Deep Blue Group pr code 34917919028: Become a cyber warrior

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    The cyber security landscape is changing by the day and getting more complex. To meet this challenge, India needs over five lakh security engineers.

    Engineering continues to be an attractive profession with thousands of young students aspiring to join this field of study. Within the many streams available, one of the most needed requirements today is in the area of security, even as the Internet, mobility and technology trends such as cloud computing continue to transform the way individuals and businesses interact with one another digitally.

    With just over 5,80,000 engineers graduating every year (Nasscom study), India now faces an urgent need to develop skills, prepare and arm itself in the area of cyber defence.

    To understand the role of ‘cyber-warriors’, it is important to take a step back and review the security threat landscape. Even as the motivation of cyber attackers has moved from fame to financial gain, malware has become a successful criminal business model with billions of dollars in play. While the volumes of threats are growing exponentially, they are also becoming more sophisticated: we are now in the third significant shift in the threat landscape — one of cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage. An example of this is Stuxnet — the first digital threat to have a physical, real-world impact — for which India was the third-most infected country. Stuxnet had the power to modify the frequency of high-speed motors and potentially cause explosions in sensitive installations, and its point of entry into the network was the ubiquitous USB pen drive.

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