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  • Aidi Tseng
    4 years agoReply
    The ONLY reason I even got the app was to edit and write stories on the go since most of my ideas come when I'm away from my laptop. So seeing that so many other are asking for this makes me feel like I'm not alone and that we're definitely unheard. The app seems unorganized too. I like reading fanfiction but I can't look up tags on the app. And as a side note, I wish I could find my Movellas that I haven't started on yet. I'm sure there's another way to find it besides starting a new one to find a link of "unfinished movellas". Update this too please the site is super cluttered.
    I agree 101% i mean i read throght the first 5 or six and i now know that im not alone on this. Everyone thinks the same thing. PLEASE UPDATE SO WE CAN WRITE ON THE APP!!! THATS PROBABLY THE ONLY WAY YOUR USERS WILL STILL USE THIS SITE/APP!!
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