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    Baseball Geek Group: Jimm Hendren, Gameplay

    At the start of every game (half-inning), the fielding team’s 9 players will go on their designated positions — four of them infielders, three as outfielders, one as the catcher and one pitcher. The pitcher’s mound located on the center of the field will throw (pitch) the ball toward the home plate where the batter (of the opposing team), the fielding team’s catcher and a neutral umpire are positioned. The batter then tries to hit the ball in order to score a run while the catcher is there to catch the ball if it is not hit (strike). Three strikes count for a strikeout and the batting team then has to replace the batter with another in their lineup. However, if the batter succeeds in hitting the ball, he will then have to run to the first base (and he will be referred to now as the runner or batter-runner) before any of the fielding team puts him out or catches the ball. Once the runner reached the first base safely he will be credited with a hit. (In uncommon situations where the runner reaches second/third base safely for one hit, it is called a double/triple play.)

    Any runners on base could try to advance on the next base on batted balls or while the pitcher is in the process of pitching the ball (a rare occurrence called stolen base).

    The goal of the runner is to reach the fourth base or the home plate (thereby passing all the bases) in order to score a ‘run’. After 9 innings, the team with the most number of runs wins. In the event of a draw, extra innings will be added.

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